Sunday, August 2, 2009

My teeth are yellow :-(?

i brush twice everyday(er...almost everyday)

but my teeth are yellow...they become yellow after sometime...

bleaching, dentist thg not possible right now coz i'm living in a hostel far frm the main city...

someone advised me to brush wid salt!!!

does that work???

My teeth are yellow :-(?
I used to brush my teeth with baking soda. That would help. Sometimes the environment you live in can affect the color of you teeth.
Reply:get white strips from the drug store,they really work
Reply:they make this product that you cna buy that will whiten your teeth no need for pricription.
Reply:yellow teeth sux.... i have yellow teeth too, and yeah i brush too.

There are special kits for making your teeth white.

You know, that thing you put on your teeth for half an our.
Reply:Try using baking soda. Make a paste of it with water and using like you would regular toothpaste. I would not recommend using salt as too much salt in your diet can cause major health problems. You can buy whitening toothpaste. Healthy teeth do have some yellowing. Bright white teeth isn't good for the enamel of your teeth.
Reply:Please visit "". It may help you.
Reply:brush once a day every day
Reply:Gargle with hydrogen peroxide once or twice a day before beushing your teeth. It's super cheap (about a dollor or less for a bottle and after a few weeks your teeth will be very white.

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What's a good way to whiten your teeth without getting them professionally bleached?

I've started using dissolving whitening strips, brushing more and using Listerine. What are some other tips to get my smiling nice and bright?

What's a good way to whiten your teeth without getting them professionally bleached?
People ask me this question frequently. I consistenly get compliments on my white teeth. I have even received compliments from employees at my dentist's office. You can check out my pics on MySpace if you want to see my smile:

I don't use whitestrips. They work (I used Crest Whitestrips once before my wedding almost 4 years ago), but they made my teeth too sensitive.

Here's my routine:

In the morning:

I swish a mixture of one capful hydrogen peroxide and one capful water in my mouth for a few minutes (usually 2 or 3 minutes, but I try to do it as long as possible up to 10 minutes).

I brush my teeth thoroughly.

I rinse with Listerine (as directed on bottle). I've noticed the Listerine hardly "burns" at all after the peroxide rinse.

Before bedtime:

I floss (This is so important!!! Floss everyday!!!).

I brush my teeth.

(I don't usually bother with rinses at night, but it couldn't hurt.)

Here are other habits I have that keep my teeth consistently white:

I don't smoke.

I drink plenty of water (about the amount of 4-6 bottles a day).

I rarely drink coffee, tea or soda (maybe once or twice a week). If you do drink coffee, tea or soda, make sure to drink some water immediately afterward or at least rinse out your mouth. These drinks will stain your teeth quickly!

I chew sugar-free gum like Trident or Extra after meals/snacks.

Good luck!
Reply:Bicarbonate of soda! I had really bad nicotene stains on my teeth and i rubbed it off with bicarb. Just use it everyday when you brush your teeth(also use toothpaste)
Reply:some people swear by them "crest strips" and other similar over the counter products...but be careful using them.
Reply:Baking Soda and Peroxide WITH a small amount of Toothpaste for flavor. leave it on for 2 minutes and then brush as you would normally do with regular toothpaste. Its nasty tasting but it works.
Reply:You've tried Colgate Whitening...??? Is this a rhetorical question?
Reply:you can go to the store and by crest white strips.
Reply:Drink some white-out.
Reply:Go to your dentist for regular cleanings every 6 months. That should help a lot. I wouldn't get carried away on the white strips, though. I go to my dentist regularly, use the Listerine whitening pre-brush rinse, and brush brush brush! That should be enough.

Good luck, and... SMILE!
Reply:make a paste from baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and brush. my riend does this almost daily and youd never know shes a coffee and cig freak--i asked her this?? for many moons before she broke down. it may take a couple of times before you see it-keep using dont forget to use regular paste s well for proper teeth
Reply:Baking Soda. There is a special formula of baking soda for dental use.
Reply:hmm.. avoid drinking tea (including iced tea) and softdrinks (it contributes to make ur teeth more yellowish).. i researched about that before coz i wanted my teeth to be whiter, too.. and now, i don't drink softdrinks anymore for 2 years.. i drink iced tea occasionally.. when there's no water or juice in the store, i choose iced tea :)

u can also use Colgate Total toothpaste. it contains flouride that helps to make ur teeth whiter... when u will use other chemicals, especially the over-the-counter ones, make sure u ask ur dentist first.. because there are some products that are dangerous, making ur teeth thinner when u use them continuously

goodluck! :)
Reply:Commercial tooth whiteners use hydrogen peroxide and

are expensive and inconvenient. A cheap and natural

tooth whitening home remedy uses few strawberries

but certain precautions have to be followed. details

available at

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Whitening teeth w/o hurting them?

whitestrips wear away tooth enamel, so how do i whiten my teeth w/o that (or cosmetic dentistry like bleaching?)

Whitening teeth w/o hurting them?
The only way to get your teeth super white is by bleaching or veneers. Whitestrips do not wear tooth enamel away. I'm a licenced dental hygienist and I use them all of the time. They do cause sensitivity though but it goes away. That is the cheapest route. The next step up is bleaching trays and in office whitening which is expensive and not worth the cost for the instant gratification. Whatever you do do not go crazy with whitening toothpaste. This really does wear down enamel over time, esp. if you are scrubbing because you don't like the tooth color. All that makes toothpaste"whitening" is just abrasive stuff. Then you scrub off the enamel to expose the dentin which is naturally yellow in color. Sorry to ramble but I see this every day.
Reply:You may wish to read a good article called "Whiten Your Teeth and Brighten Your Smile" you can find it at:



I am currently whitening my teeth. One of my front teeth is not taking the bleach as well as the other. Why?

There's no real way to answer that except to say that not all of your teeth will respond at the same rate. Just as some people in general respond well to teeth whitening systems while others don't at all.

I am currently whitening my teeth. One of my front teeth is not taking the bleach as well as the other. Why?
The Things That Dental Bleaching Can't Do

Today, almost everyone wanted to have a brighter and whiter smile and cosmetic dentistry such as dental bleaching is at its hype as a solution in an increase demand of dental bleaching or teeth whitening treatments. It almost created a trend to its field.

But with what it promises that it can achieved the results that you want there are still some things to consider before engaging into the procedure. Dental bleaching does not always work as what they claim to be.

Dental bleaching won't take effect on black, brown or white color in the tooth cause by decay, it should be repaired before the bleaching process. It is not also effective in patients with tetracycline stain in their tooth these are the irregular horizontal lines found in the tooth these are common with adult patients. If patient grew up in an area that has a high concentration of fluoride in their drinking water, the appearance of fluorosis will not be improved also this is also applicable to patients that who were eating fluoride toothpaste during their toddler years. And lastly it dental bleaching won't lighten or bleach out the darkness in teeth caused by old amalgam fillings.

But if you are really considering whitening or bleaching your teeth, there are several options for you to choose one is by using natural teeth whitening or bleaching products that are effective and safe to use for they do not contain harsh ingredients that may cause irritation and damage to the gums and teeth.

for more information on teeth whitening just visit

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Any hoe remedys for whitening teeth?

i really like my teeth to be clean but i couldn't find my tooth brush for like 3 days and now my teeth have a hint of yellow, i found my toothbrush but want to know other ways to whiten my teeth besides brushing or flossing, thans for any help.

ps, im NOT using bleach, that will mess your teeth up

Any hoe remedys for whitening teeth?
I am going to assume you mean a HOME remedy, and not a HOE remedy :)

Try mixing baking soda with some hydrogen peroxide, it will bubble some and then brush your teeth with it. It won't be store-brand effective, but it works! Don't swallow!
Reply:try baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.
Reply:Hydrogen peroxide swabbed with a cotton swab
Reply:There are NOT any home remedies for bleaching... but the one prescribed by your dentist, no matter what anybody tells you. you can try peroxide, baking soda, or burned tortilla. get some carbamide peroxide 15% that should do the trick... baby, bleach will NOT mess you up, maybe your yellow teeth will!
Reply:Commercial tooth whiteners use hydrogen peroxide and

are expensive and inconvenient. A cheap and natural tooth whitening home remedy uses few strawberries but certain precautions have to be taken.I found the information at
Reply:I liked it better when I thought you were looking for hoe remedies.


My teeth hurt worse than anything I have ever felt in my life after Crest Whitestrips Supreme, any tips?

Day 1: Two strips top and bottom for the time directed, 30 minutes each. My teeth ached the entire night and my gums were swollen. I know the bleach is stronger than the whitestrips you can buy in the store (Supreme can only be purchased from a dentist), but this kills! I don't know if I will make it the 21 days that the kit offeres with this stronger bleach.

Any tips besides sensitive tooth toothpaste and Act mouthwash to fill in areas of my teeth?

On the plus side, there are noticible results after just that one day with this stronger kit! Normallly I don't see results like this until day 3 of the Premium strips. I only do these once a year by the way just to brighten up my smile a bit, and I see my dentist twice a year for cleanings :)

The directions say that I can skip a couple of applications but that I should use all the strips in as close to 21 days as possible... so stopping until the pain goes away or wearing them every other day really won't work.

My teeth hurt worse than anything I have ever felt in my life after Crest Whitestrips Supreme, any tips?
as they say.. no pain - no gain. but see the dentist for advice just to make sure that the bleach is not too strong for ur teeth, or too irritating on ur gums.
Reply:You could try asking your dentist for fluoride gel. It might be stronger than Act. I know what you mean though, it hurts! Definitely try using them every other day.
Reply:i would stop using them. I have crest whitestrips, and they bothered my teeth a bit but they didn't swell my gums. I know crest offers a hotline for the whitestrips, and if you call who knows, you might be able to get a refund while your at it. But be careful, you could have an allergic reaction.
Reply:I REALLY suggest you go to dentist!!!!!!

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How can I make my teeth REALLYYY white without using bleach, or dentist products????

Swishing peroxide in your mouth before brushing helps as well as using a good whitening toothpaste. Aslo lemons or pure lemon juice rubbed on your teeth or swished in your mouth but make sure that you brush thoroughly afterwards because continual use of lemon without removing it from your teeth can actually take the enamel off.

How can I make my teeth REALLYYY white without using bleach, or dentist products????
Try baking soda whitening toothpaste.
Reply:Brush your teeth with a baking soda/peroxide mix. It's foamy, so make sure to only use a little of peroxide. Hope that helps! :)
Reply:uh....brush them a lot...?
Reply:U can try using lemons on the teeth..and leave them careful not to touch the gums with the lemon juice..another way is some white powder used by Indians..but i am not so sure what is this white powder...i only know this white powder got some smell..
Reply:Well, the only way to get eye-popping whiteness is to go seek professional treatment, but there are toothpastes which will give you a near result. Try Pearl Drops, or Maclean's White and Shine, or Crest Whitestrips. Check out your drugstore for heaps of whitening product varieties.
Reply:well it really depends. My mom gave me too much fluoride when i was little so mine are premanently stained but over time and a lot of brushing has made a little improvement.
Reply:buy hydrogen peroxide solution from the chemist - it will only cost a couple of dollars and gargle each day - it will make your teeth white