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Can I whiten my teeth with household bleach?

For health and safety reasons, NO!

Household bleach is a chlorine bleach, containing sodium hypochlorite which a strong oxidizer and is highly corrosive. It will whiten your teeth for sure but it could result with some extensive damage of your oral mucosa, that is to say that your gums, tongue, and tissues surrounding the mouth will be in danger for a possible burn. Ingestion of the solution is another risk to get concerned of.

Household bleach actually is not always dangerous as in fact it is the same substance used in the chlorinated water we drink in a certain dilution proportion believed to be safe. It is the concentration that makes it dangerous. To whiten the teeth however, it needs to be in high concentration to achieve its purpose which will also put your health into compromise.

If you have removable teeth (dentures), then there is no concern on using it. Go ahead, just make sure that you rinse it carefully and thoroughly.

Can I whiten my teeth with household bleach?
no, dont ever try..
Reply:i advise not to.
Reply:Not a good idea!! Use tooth paste with whitening properties (it will tell you on the packet) - far less likely to kill you!
Reply:In short the answer is NO!!

When I was about 4 I drank a cup of bleach, I ended up in hospital... it was not very nice!!!
Reply:Try it and let us know how it turned out. lol.
Reply:NO! use crest whitestripes
Reply:Yeah, sounds like a great idea
Reply:Yes, but rinse thoroughly with pepsi or coffee after
Reply:yes you can but be careful of your gums as they will whiten too and receed. Try to use hydrogen peroxide solution mixed with carbonate of soda this will be kinder to your mouth and you can get the both cheaply the first around $1 I got this from costco maybe they do it in the store and the second the same from the supermarket in the baking dept.
Reply:you have to mix it initially with mayyonaise, boil to 100c and shout 'mayyonaise, mayyonaise, whitened teeth are the current craze' at it for three minutes before applying it to your teeth with a heated mirror. More hassle than its worth if you ask me, despite my hairy yellow teeth.
Reply:no its not a good idea - the bleach eats the enamel off witch will lead to rotten teeth - that's what my dentist said when i ask him
Reply:I suggest you remove your teeth before you rinse them rather than let the bleach do the removing for you. ;o)
Reply:yes--if they are false ones
Reply:Not advisable unless you think you can live without your tongue.
Reply:dont be so silly.

Reply:DO YOU WANT TO DIE. try no.
Reply:aye if you want to make yourself throw up and poison yourself at the same time. It doesn't cost them much to get them whitened at the dentist or use bicarb of soda and lemon juice if you're that bothered
Reply:Not recommended,try brushing with baking soda and peroxide ,but don't swallow.
Reply:Yes of course you can, see you in the afterlife mate!
Reply:Not unless you want to burn your gums as well!!
Reply:In a word, no.
Reply:NO. Your teeth would not even turn white. The enamel would come off and your teeth would be very brown. Do NOT use bleach to whiten your teeth. You could however use a small amount of baking soda on a toothbrush and put a little peroxide on it. Then brush with that. But I would suggest just using tooth whiteners from the store. Good luck!
Reply:My Dad (God, rest his soul), used to take his false teeth out, put them in a cup and soak them in bleach at night. I wouldn't recommend it with proper teeth however.
Reply:There are really some daft questions in here!!! Of course you can't. DUH!!!
Reply:If you can take your teeth out and place them in a glass then maybe. Otherwise, unless you're a fan of third degree burns and extensive plastic surgery I wouldn't recommend it.
Reply:Please do not try this. Household bleach is a very stong chemical and even diluted would probably cause irritated gums as well as damage to the enamel on your teeth, if you chose an everyday product to help whiten your teeth try baking soda, it is gentle, and has a small abrasive to help clean stains on your teeth.
Reply:wouldnt if i were you unless you want a hospital bed
Reply:only if you can take them out of your mouth first, otherwise, it will KILL YOU

try mixing peroxide with water at a ratio of 1:3

swish with this mixture for 30 seconds two or three times a day.

the active ingredient in most commercial whiteners is peroxide, and this is a much cheaper way to get the same result
Reply:I would suggest a decent tooth paste chuck much healthier
Reply:no it will kill you but

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